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It feels different here…

At our recent Volunteer Appreciation Evening, staff member, Karoline, shared beautiful stories about how our volunteers and staff set the tone in our ministry to benefit the lives of every woman, man, and family who walks through our doors. It is a tone that allows for a welcoming atmosphere of heavenly peace and love that is immediately felt and acknowledged by individuals who walk through our doors. “It feels different here,” they say.

The tone makes it a safe place to share a difficult situation… a transgression… unbelievable pain. A judgment free zone where a woman can be authentic, vulnerable, understood and cared about despite everything that is not going “right” in her life.

Karoline remembered one woman in particular who was impacted by the tone at PDHC. “Mary* came to PDHC and was greeted in the lobby for her consultation. As soon as we sat together in our consulting room, she started to become tearful. The shame and weight of her situation was evident on her face. She could barely bring herself to make eye contact. Mary was seeking an abortion to put this situation she regretted behind her. After hearing Mary’s story, I knew she needed to meet someone. Someone who loves her beyond all measure, who sees past all the shame, who wants to forgive her. And that person is Jesus. As I began to share the Gospel and saving love of Christ, Mary continued to be tearful. The shame didn’t entirely go away, but I could see a slow lifting of this weight off of her shoulders. Mary stayed for an ultrasound and was loved on by the nurse and volunteer. Mary left with many adoption resources, a calmer spirit, and the love of Christ.”

Karoline has talked on the phone with Mary a few times since she initially visited our center. She has chosen to keep and raise her baby! Karoline said, “I have been a witness to the forgiving power and mercy of our Lord. Mary keeps me updated on her pregnancy and she has been so grateful for the love she received at PDHC from the moment she reached out to our hotline and came through the doors.”

Karoline is blessed to have a front row seat to witness the love that pours out from our volunteers and staff as she reminisces of countless stories in 2023:

  1. Recently a homeless mom who came in for her appointment an hour early because it was cold outside, and our volunteer made her hot cocoa and sat with her while she waited for her appointment… now that is being the hands of Christ!

  2. A young mom who wasn’t able to make her rent payment reached out to PDHC for help. Our volunteer greeter referred her to a church organization and spent several hours working to get her application to the top of the pile!

  3. A mother who recently had a baby and was pregnant again and felt overwhelmed, walked through the doors of PDHC and broke down in tears as she shared with and was cared for by one of our volunteers.

  4. A woman who had been to an abortion clinic and said there was something “dark” and “ that it didn’t sit in her spirit right,” so she came to PDHC. She told us of the peace, comfort, and warmth that she felt by being greeted at the door at PDHC.

  5. A teen mom who came to shop for maternity clothes commented that her own mother passed away a few years earlier. She shared that she did not have a mother figure to help her with things like this. The volunteer immediately began helping her to select clothes and spent time shopping and talking with her so she could have new clothes that she felt confident in.

What a gift it is to have a part in God’s work on earth. Our volunteers at PDHC go the extra mile to set a Jesus-like tone for the precious women we serve, as they sacrificially give of their time and talents. We are grateful for and blessed by each kind angel who serves at PDHC. Grace to you and peace this Christmas Season and ALWAYS,

​~ Submitted by Caroline, RDMS, Director of Client Services


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