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Willow and Baby Girl Zyla, Born March 7, 2023

“I came to PDHC after finding out I was pregnant and truly didn’t believe it was possible. Karoline spent over an hour with me discussing the pregnancy and all of my concerns. Karoline allowed me to feel heard in my very difficult circumstances and in all that I have been through. Alyssa was the nurse who did my ultrasound, and she was very gentle and comforting throughou the ultrasound. Karoline, Alyssa and others at PDHC, continued to follow-up with me aIl throughout my pregnancy offering as much support as possible. I am taking parenting classes too. With the support and encouragement of PDHC, I was able to bring my beautiful and healthy daughter into this world after several losses. I am very grateful for PDHC and don’t feel alone because of them.”


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