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It feels different here…

It was a normal day at PDHC when I received a call from a sidewalk counselor outside an abortion clinic telling me that there was a woman on her way to our center who was contemplating abortion and needed our help.

I greeted this sweet woman at the door who appeared so distraught. She shared that she had just been at her appointment for an abortion when she felt like she wasn’t sure if she could do this so she left in the middle of that appointment and came to our doorstep.

She explained that she felt pressured to have an abortion even though she wasn’t sure if this is what she wanted. Through the few hours talking and crying with her, I learned that she was out of a job and did not have stable housing for herself and her family.

The thought of another child entering her situation seemed daunting.

As our nurse began her ultrasound, I started praying and remained in prayer throughout that someway the Lord would break through her circumstances to make a decision for life. During the ultrasound where we saw her sweet babe moving, she made a commitment to choose life for this child. We talked more about her situation and God’s plan for her life. She was open to prayer and so we prayed openly asking the Lord to be so near to her. As we finished her visit, she received a call that was a phone interview for a job she was applying to. I left her as she took this interview.

When she came out, I asked how the interview went and she looked at me in amazement saying that she got the job! Before I could utter congratulations, she shared that she also just got an email that she is off the housing waitlist and there is a house ready for her and her children! This was one of the most tangible answered prayers that I have seen in my 4 years as a consultant. I could barely believe that this mama came to us without a job or house (which are two of the most challenging barriers) and left with a decision to choose life, a job, and a house! I looked at her in amazement just telling her how much our God loves her. This was, and still is, an encouragement to me of the power of prayer in any situation.

Shared by a PDHC Center Consultant


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