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One Year Anniversary

Saturday marks the one-year anniversary of theoverturning of Roe v. Wade, and much has transpired in the pro-life movement over the last year. Ohio is one of 13 states considered to be a battleground state regarding laws on abortion and we continue to see this play out in our culture and with the upcoming special election In August and the November ballot initiative. It is crucial that we continue to pray and educate ourselves on the importance of building a culture that protects the sanctity of every human life. Amidst the ongoing obstacles and challenges, pregnancy help will always be needed, no matter what. On our hotline, and in our centers, we will continue to hear from and see women every day facing real challenges and barriers with an unexpected pregnancy. As always, we listen, build trust, and form relationships. We continue to meet her immediate and ongoing needs physically, emotionally, and spiritually so she never feels alone in her journey. We walk alongside, providing her with a vision beyond her circumstances, and helping her to see her value and thelife of her child through God’s eyes. We provide a community of support and help her resolve her issues and problems in a life-affirming way. These new moms are impacted every day through “little moments” such as a smile and a listening ear, words of kindness and compassion, and prayers with her. These little moments lead to life-changing “big moments” that impact her life, the life of her baby, and her family. As Mother Teresa said, “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” There is a generational impact because of the compassionate care, love, and support individuals receive at PDHC. This time of year, we honor and celebrate the mothers and fathers who have greatly impacted our lives. Thanks to you, not only are new moms and their babies positively impacted by your support at PDHC every day, but new dads as well. Individually and together, they can participate in personalized parenting education classes and receive much-needed baby items to help them build and strengthen their families. Also, new this summer is a special series of gatherings to surround participating dads with a community of support and mentorship. They are learning how to become a better father, how to build a legacy, and how to raise strong children in the current climate and culture. We are thankful for our staff, volunteers, and each of you who make this possible. We are thankful for our partners who are helping to educate thecommunity on what is currently happening with abortion laws in Ohio. You can learn more by visiting the their information websites: Rescuing Lives and Impacting Generations, one Heartbeat at a Time. Kathy Scanlon, PDHC President


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