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The staff talked, prayed, and showed that they really cared.

Young, confused, scared, ​Ka’Nia came to PDHC to confirm her pregnancy and to discuss her options. Torn between what she felt would be best for her life, her baby and how her mom would react to the pregnancy, she was feeling truly undecided. She shared that the father of the baby was also very scared about the situation. Her pregnancy test was positive, and she was offered an ultrasound where everything began to change. Once our client saw her baby and heard the heartbeat, she began asking more questions about the baby and how to keep it healthy. The nurse shared resources and medical care that would meet her specific healthcare needs. Ka’Nia left equipped with all the options and resources necessary to make a truly informed decision. Most importantly, she left with the message that We (PDHC and God ) are here for her and truly care about her.

Although PDHC staff consistently reached out to her to see how she was doing, there was no response. Until, one day, Ka’Nia replied that things were going well for her and that she decided to keep her baby and he would be arriving soon.

Ka’Nia visited the center with her baby Izaiah and his very proud grandma to introduce her baby to Nurse Kara and Coordinator Sarah and to pick up a baby layette. During this appointment, our staff and volunteers have an opportunity to check to see how mom and baby are doing and make referrals to additional resources, introduce our parenting class program to earn diapers, wipes and clothing and to take time to hear the client’s pregnancy journey and give the client the opportunity to share her story with each of you. Here is what the client shared:

“I decided to come here (to PDHC) to confirm my pregnancy and I do not regret (it). The staff here talked, prayed, and showed that they really cared. I was not sure about my decision, and they helped a lot!! They were (the) support I needed and also still a good friend. I am so glad that I chose this place. Thank you.”


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